File a Complaint

The public's trust, confidence, and support are essential to a positive relationship between the UC Davis Police Department and the public it is sworn to serve. Consistent with California Penal Code §832.5, UC Davis has developed a complaint process designed to detect and correct improper or undesirable police practices. All investigations are kept confidential; retaliation for filing a complaint is prohibited.

A complaint should be filed when you feel that a member of the UC Davis Police Department has acted improperly in the course of their work. Whether the complaint is related to discourteous treatment, failure to take action, inaccurate report writing, an unjustified arrest, unnecessary force or any other police action that you feel is wrong, the Police Accountability Board wants to know about it.

How do I file a complaint with the PAB? 

  • Online: You can complete and submit the complaint form electronically here. All complaints are received by the Office of Compliance and Policy.
  • Telephone; You can call the Office of Compliance and Policy at (530) 752-6550.
  • In person: You may call (530) 752-6550 to schedule an in-person meeting at the Office of Compliance and Policy. You may also file your complaint in person at the UC Davis Police Department. All complaints filed with the UCDPD will be promptly forwarded to our office.
  • By mail or fax: You may download the the complaint form and mail it to Office of Compliance and Policy, Attn: Police Accountability Board, UC Davis, Mrak Hall 5th floor, Davis, CA 95616; or fax it to (530) 752-0853. Complaint forms are available in English, Spanish, Russian, Hmong, Chinese and Vietnamese

We prefer to receive complaints in writing. If you are unable to write your complaint for any reason, PAB staff will assist you in completing the form.

Individual complaints must be filed within 180 days from the incident date; however, it is beneficial to file as soon as possible after the incident. The 180 day filing period is tolled when a complainant is incapacitated and unable to file.

Important information about filing a complaint

Please provide as much information as possible about the incident. Your complaint should include:

  • Time, date, and location of the incident.
  • Names and badge numbers of officers (if known).
  • Names and phone numbers of witnesses (if known).
  • Any documents related to the incident, such as photographs, citations, hospital records.

Providing feedback to the PAB

The PAB wants to hear from the community about concerns related to police conduct. You may share your concerns with the PAB by filling out the PAB Feedback/Suggestion Form, or by sending an email to us at You also are invited to give feedback at a PAB quarterly public meeting (the PAB meeting schedule can be found here). 

Complaints against non-UC Davis Police Department officers

The Police Accountability Board can only investigate a complaint against UC Davis Police Department personnel. Complaints against officers employed by other law enforcement agencies should be filed with the appropriate agency.

Complaints or inquiries regarding the City of Davis police officers can be filed directly to the City of Davis Police Department or to the Independent Police Auditor. Comments or inquiries related to City of Davis Police Department policies, procedures, and training can be submitted to the City of Davis Police Accountability Commission

What happens after I file a complaint with the PAB? 

Learn more about complaint resolution here