Complaint Resolution

  • Police Accountability Board Database: Includes information on all inquiries received by the PAB since the board was formed in 2014
  • Police Accountability Board Annual Report: Includes information and statistical data by year regarding the number and types of complaints filed, analysis of trends, disposition of complaints, and the PAB's questions and recommendations to the Chief of Police and the Chief's responses

What happens after I file a complaint? 

The Office of Compliance will review your complaint and will contact you if further information about your complaint is required.

The Office of Compliance will determine whether a complaint is appropriate for investigation (e.g. timely, sufficient facts, etc.).  An investigation will be warranted in most cases where the complaint was filed in a timely manner, the complaint relates to improper conduct and there is enough information provided to move forward.

If an investigation is warranted, an investigator will be identified and you will be informed of the investigator’s identity and the procedures to be followed during the investigation.

The Chief of Police will notify the subject officer(s) about your complaint; however, your identity as the complainant will not be provided to the subject officer(s).

The investigator will separately interview you, the subject officer(s) and any other witnesses to the incident. The investigator will also review all evidence related to the incident.

The investigator will prepare an investigation report with factual findings that will be provided to the Police Accountability Board (PAB). Investigations are typically completed within 90 days. If more time is needed, you will be informed of an extension.

The PAB will review the investigation report, discuss the report during a closed board meeting and forward its recommendations on the findings to the Chief of Police.  The Chief of Police makes the final factual determination(s) and retains the responsibility of and discretion to impose discipline. 

You will be informed of the outcome of the review process, but not the level of discipline, if any, that was imposed.