PAB Code of Ethics


Members of civilian oversight groups have a unique role as public servants reviewing law enforcement agencies.  The community entrusts us to conduct our work in a professional, fair and impartial manner.  We earn this trust through a firm commitment to the public good, our mission, and to the ethical and professional standards described below.  The University of California, Davis, Police Accountability Board shall operate in accordance with the following code:

Personal Integrity

Demonstrate the highest standards of personal integrity, commitment to truthfulness, and dedication to building trust by our stakeholders.  Avoid conflicts of interest.  Conduct ourselves in a fair and impartial manner and recuse ourselves when conflicts of interest arise.  Do not accept gifts, gratuities or favors that could compromise our impartiality and independence.

Independent and Thorough Review

Conduct reviews with diligence, an open and questioning mind, integrity, objectivity and fairness, in a timely manner.  Test the accuracy and reliability of information from all sources.  Review facts and present recommendations without regard to personal beliefs or concern for personal, professional or political consequences.

Transparency and Confidentiality

Conduct reviews openly and transparently and report out.  Maintain the confidentiality of information that cannot be disclosed and protect the security of confidential records.

Respectful and Unbiased Treatment

Treat all individuals with dignity and respect, and without preference or discrimination.

Outreach and Relationships with Stakeholders

Pursue open, candid and non-defensive dialogue with stakeholders during public meetings with an eye toward educating and learning from the community.

Agency Self-Examination and Commitment to Policy Review

Seek improvement in the effectiveness of our board, the UCDPD, and our relations with the communities we serve.  Evaluate and analyze work product.  Emphasize policy review and reform that advance UCD law enforcement accountability and performance.

Professional Excellence

Strive to acquire knowledge and understanding of the policies, procedures and practices of the UCDPD.  Keep informed of current legal, professional and social issues that affect the UCD community, the UCDPD and our board.

Primary Obligation to the Community

At all times, place our obligation to the community, duty to uphold the law and to the goals and objectives of the board above our personal self-interest.