PAB Members and Administrative Advisory Group

Academic Senate & Academic Federation

Jack Chin (Academic Senate  member)
Kara Carr (Academic Federation – alternate)

UCD Health

Melissa Bauman (member)
Antionette Caruso (member)
Charron Andrus (alternate)
Vacant (alternate)

Staff Assembly

Peter Blando (member)
Lisa Feldmann (alternate)

Graduate Student Association

Kenneth Thomas (member)
Kevin Griffin (alternate)

Associated Students, UCD

Davares Robinson (member)
Joshua Dalavai (alternate)

Student Life

Ales Lee (member)
Yajaira Ramirez Sigala (alternate)

Administrative Advisory Group

Rahim Reed, Associate Executive Vice Chancellor of Campus Community Relations
Chief Joseph Farrow, UC Davis Police Department
Wendy Lilliedoll, Director of Investigations, Office of Compliance and Policy
Mikael Villalobos, Associate Chief Diversity Officer, Office of Campus Community Relations
Larisa King, Compliance Analyst, Office of Compliance and Policy
Megan Macklin, Program Manager, Office of Campus Community Relations
Laura Izon, External Counsel, Kronick, Moskovitz, Tiedemann & Girard